How To Gain Instagram Followers Organically 2019 (Grow from 0 to 5,000 followers Fast)



How to get to 5,000 followers on Instagram with completely free organic traffic super fast in 2019 you guys ready to go?

What does one on guys welcome into the Jeff, the honest marketer youtube channel. We are the YPR where young people, young persons revolution, where young doesn’t mean young in age. It means young in mindset where I’m not ready to retire, I want to have more to give more and I am just going to keep the positing awesome value in myself to level up and to also help more people. But fun fact about all of us at the YPR, we all own lamb bows, okay? They’re just not real lampposts Their toy lambos, but they’re still lambose. All right, and this youtube video where we’re going to be talking about is how to be successful on Instagram. So let’s just pull up my Instagram account so you can see who the heck I am and what the heck I’m talking about. So right there. My answer going to count as you guys can see, I’ve got it here and broadcasting here at the same time.

I have 8,186 Instagram followers at the time of this video. Make sure you follow me on Instagram at the edge of Trimble right now. Now before we get started, what I want to do is I want to pull up an image for you guys. Have to show you guys a little bit about me. I’ve been on Instagram for a long, long, long time. And actually let me just pull it up for you guys real quick on my other Instagram account. Like yes, I’ve got multiple Instagram accounts, I’ve grown tons of them over the years. This one has 14.4 k as you can see. But um, I did a lot of things on it and studied and done a lot. Yeah. Anyways, so here’s the deal. Uh, let me pull up this account. So this one was liked this week. As you can see right here. This comment like right here was posted 249 weeks ago, 250 weeks ago.

Alexa, how many years is 249 weeks? 49 weeks. It’s four years in nine months. Four years and nine months. And as you guys know, Instagram has changed a ton in the last four years and nine months. And that’s just when this comment was, I know there was more. I’ve been on Instagram for almost six years now. Um, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve done a lot and I’ve grown a ton of different accounts. As you can see. Here’s another account that I have, uh, that is also dormant that don’t really use anymore. 11,000 followers. And uh, yeah, let’s go back to my main account that Jeff Tremble sold. Strategy number one, the most important thing. A lot of, I feel like a lot of us Instagrammers don’t really understand this or know about it. This is kind of an old GE tick, tick, tick, tick trick strategy. If you look at the top here, I mean I’m trying to point to it, but I don’t know exactly where it’s at.

But you look at the top here where it says Jeff, the honest marketer. Most people have that as their first and last name. You use that and change that. It’s called SEO optimization. Now, this is probably on the scale of one to 10 of importance. This is probably a one or two, but it’s still something that I would highly, highly recommend you guys doing. So SEO optimized. So what’d you guys want to do here is if you noticed, it’s the honest marketer, Jeff, the honest market nerd. Now, why is that? Because a lot of times, a lot of people kind of know me as Jeff, the honest marketer, and what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to optimize my profile here is if anybody searches the Internet for Jeff, Deanna’s honest marketer, my Instagram account pops up. Now, what I used to do is I used to put quotes or marketer or entrepreneurship or whatever in that spot for little keywords because when people are searching, right, they click this little search icon at the bottom.

They click search and they type in entrepreneurship, right? Do you see the entrepreneur right here? I type in entre this learning hard picks, shows up the entrepreneur because his profile is optimized for entrepreneurship. So if people are searching for that, well you want to make sure that you have that in your search feature, right? Be optimized for it. The second thing that you guys want to do is hashtags. Now hashtags, obviously this is kind of a boring subject that everyone knows, but this is, I’m going to show you something that not a lot of people knows. The hashtags that you want to use are very specific because there’s a new feature that is going around where you can follow hashtags. This is a new 2019 thing. You see this little post right here where it says you like three posts that are tagged Hashtag realtor this week.

Do you want to follow it? And it was asking me to follow Hashtag realtor. Now a lot of hashtags that are out there, just because they get a lot of posts doesn’t mean they get a lot of traffic, a lot of views, and what you want to do is you want to use the Hashtags, right? That people are following, that are searching for that or people are looking at you don’t just want to post on hashtags that you know are just popular because they’re popular. You want people that are ones that are, that are looking at the hashtags that actually have attention on them, right? We’re trying to get more organic attention so you want to post for those ones, but how do you know which hashtags people are falling? Let me show you a cool little tip or trick that I saw, so I’m just going gonna grab a random photo here at, let’s pull this up.

Okay, you click next. Now, just any photo, it doesn’t matter. This is the picture of the notes that I needed to do. I’m obviously not going to be posting that, but what you’re going to do is you’re going to start typing a Hashtag, Hashtag let’s just say, uh, entrepreneurs since it’s there. E, N, t, R, e. P. K, what’s going to happen? You type a little bit of it and as you start to scroll down, do you see this entrepreneurship followed by Wolf of Wall Street? So that person, you already know that somebody’s following that Hashtag. If you know he’s following that Hashtag, there’s a solid chance that other people are following that Hashtag as well. Entrepreneurs followed by grant Cardone. If grant Cardone follows that Hashtag, then you know other people are falling as well and you can start scrolling through it. Let’s try a different one. Okay.

Entrepreneurship. Hmm. Okay. That works. Let’s start sales. Okay. Sales start to scroll through and see if anybody follows. Let’s just do sale instead of make it a portal. See if we can find anything in here where people follow and sales right there. Boom. Garage sale. Find followed by Gary V. Gary Vaynerchuck follows that Hashtag. Then you know it’s a good hashtag and he posted it. You know, other people posting it too. And you can use that for whatever that you want. You want to be posting in hashtags that people follow. New Tip of the day. Don’t just posting any random hashtags. Stop using those copy and paste hashtags that other people are giving you. Use The hashtags that people actually follow. Cool. Now before we keep going any further into the tips, cause I’ve got some more tips for you guys. What I want to say is this guys, I have a free ebook that I’m gonna give it away.

It’s called insta famous, completely for free. You guys can claim it. Um, and it’s like some super cool hacks just like this one on how to grow your Instagram account, but much more in depth than cool other things like profile optimization and how to posting strategies and all these other things completely for free. So insta, or you go to the little description down below, click that opt in, go to the thing. It’s going to send you an email. So will be super cool. Instagram training. Make sure you get access to that, but let’s continue forward. Tip number three. This one’s kind of the basic one, but this one’s like the most important out of all of them. Okay. On a scale of one to 10 this one’s probably a 10 content is king. Where do you know that the content is like the most important thing?

So if you’re not creating quality content, then you’re not gonna win anyway. But when it comes to content, there’s a couple of important things that you need to remember. Majority of people on Instagram are what? When are they using Instagram? How are they using it? They’re either standing in line at Starbucks or they’re sitting on the toilet in the break room when they’re supposed to be on the phone, out in the floor, working at target or whatever at their current day job, right? They’re scrolling through their feed when they hate their life in a moment where most of the time they can’t turn on the volume. They don’t want their manager to know that they’re wasting time scrolling through Instagram while they’re sitting in the bathroom and they’re supposed to be at work. Do they know? Well, when you’re standing in line waiting for your Mocha Frappuccino, ultimate Carmel version, Rainbow Sunshine or whatever you get from Starbucks nowadays, you can’t have the volume on because the people in front of you or it’s just too loud around you to hear it, right?

So when you’re creating content, create content in a way that is enables you to like put it out there where people don’t actually have to hear it or listen to it. So put little like transcriptions of your words on your video so people can read what you’re saying in the videos or you can do what this guy does. Let’s pull it up here. Brian Nuñez, coach Brian Nuñez. What he does, he creates a video of a specific type of workout. And then underneath, as you guys can see right underneath the video, he has the workouts or he describes what the workouts are. So in the video he shows the workouts and then he uses the text. Guess what to talk about it. This guy, massive following, two hundred thousand two hundred and forty eight thousand followers. Good strategy. Tip number four, we already talked about Hashtags, which I probably should have told you to put the hashtags in the comments, not in the description of the photo, but whatever.

It doesn’t matter. That was the little bonus. Tip, bonus tips. Tip number four, prospecting for your ideal followers. So when we’re creating content, right, we’re creating content in a way to give value to other people, to teach, to train, to educate, to help people. Now all of us are in a different niche. We’re in a different market. We want followers for different reasons. So maybe in real estate, maybe you’re network marketing, maybe you sell insurance, I don’t know. But every single one of us have an ideal client or a reason or a specific person that we want to help. So for some of us that are young entrepreneurs, we want to help other people that are like us, right? And so what we need to do is we need to go find other people that are like us on Instagram and get to know them. Because a lot of times we forget that we’re not creating content for Instagram. We’re creating content for the followers. So we’re not trying to hack Instagram, we’re not trying to cheat Instagram. What we’re trying to do is trying to give value and make relationships with other people and help them.


So yeah, once we know who those people are, then what we can do with simple, we go into the dms and let’s just say my people, um, are young entrepreneurs okay. Which they are. So what I do is I find, you know, big influencers that, uh, that, uh, have the followers that I want, like Gary Vaynerchuk and, uh, I go to his profile and guess what I do? I scroll through his photos, okay. And look at his comments and guess what if they fall Gamer Gary van a truck and, uh, they’re my ideal client because you know, they’re entrepreneurs or success minded individuals. And I started to have a conversation with these people, right? And I’ll go find some of these people that are down here and I’ll either click the little heart button next to them or I will reply back to whatever I can find, right?

Let’s start a conversation with these people. It goes down in the DMS, right? Also goes down in the comments. You start having a conversation with them on the comments. Or you can go in here and start to reply and actually DMM. Say, hey dude, I see you like that. You follow Gary Vaynerchuk? How long have you been following Gary Vaynerchuk for? And you start to get to know him. Then you build a relationship with them. And guess what? He starts to comment. He starts to engage in what makes you successful and get more reach on Instagram. Tip number five, create content that gets engagement, right? What you’re trying to do on Instagram, what is going to get you more organic reach is more engagement. So if you could start to create a community around you, people that like you, then enjoy your content. Guess what’s gonna Happen?

They’re gonna comment, they’re going to engage, they’re going to talk, and you’re gonna have a conversation. That’s why you’re prospecting people. You’re trying to make friends with people. So then they come over to what your feed your profile, engage on your feed, your profile. You have a conversation with them. You get more engagements than Instagram serves it through the hashtags. More you win. It’s prospecting engagements, creating quality content and using the hashtags. Those are the updates for 2019 on succeeding on Instagram. This has been Jeff and US marketer. If you got value out of this, please click that like button. Always Click that subscribe button because we’re dropping videos twice a week on this channel. All designed around helping you guys have more success because we are the YPR where I want to help you guys be successful, get more, reach more attention, start your own business, generate more leads because the two things that I’m good at, my friends generating leads and closing deals, so that’s everything that we talk about on this channel. Generating leads and closing deals so that way you can be successful in your own business, your own process, your own career, whatever it is that you guys choose to do, whatever your own definition of success is. But for now, this has been it. Team Trimble out. We are the YPR and we’ll see you guys in the next video.