“The Millionaire Booklet”

How To Get Super Rich – Grant Cardone

This short booklet was written and inspired by Grant Cardone himself while attending a charity event after seeing one person signing a check for a million dollars. Grant Cardone became eager to teach after seeing the whole crowd in the room wanting to be that person signing that large amount of money that night. WOW imagine… One Million Dollars. Crazy right? Well it’s possible and that person signing that big of a check one day, can be you. This is how Grant decided to “Teach People How To Become Millionaires”.

If you let it, this little booklet will change your perspective in life and how you do things…

Grant Cardone is an internationally renowned business and sales expert; Ranked #25 marketing influencers to watch in 2017 by Forbes magazine. He is an author of many sales and business books, also a creator of Cardone University; A primer online sales training tool in the world. As well as an international speaker, coach and consultant. One of the most successful entrepreneurs offering a variety of tips and guidance on how to improve; sales, marketing, branding, real estate world, relationships, investments, wealth and so many more.

“Success Is Your Duty, Obligation, Responsability”. -G.C

This booklet is designed to simplify the process of becoming a millionaire, even super rich. Grant Cardone has personally used this information in the booklet written here and done it himself. Regardless of your current economic condition, where you live or what you even do, you yourself can learn and become wealthy if you yourself put the work into it.

He made a personal commitment at 16 years old to creating wealth and achieving his goals and aspirations in life and for now to personally teach you and commit to helping others achieve what he learned and knows now.

Personal review:

This tiny little booklet by Grant Cardone was super informative and straight to the point in all his short chapters. You get to dive in on his perspective on how to really handle money and the endless opportunities that are in front of you if you really look and work hard enough towards your goals. Learning how and where to properly invest income for a greater payoff at the end. That there is good debt and bad debt; a topic you’ve always heard of but most people avoid at all costs because as soon as they hear the word “debt” It’s automatically a  horrible thing and you will never get out of it and will drown in interest charges and just doom yourself. But what most don’t know, if invested accordingly you can flip your “debt” and turn it into income and achieve even more. Learn to look beyond the advice of others who won’t do anything to help their own financial situations and are simply just complaining that there is no money other than working a regular job and hoping for the best to come in the future. Understand that there are millions of opportunities out there waiting for you that can create more income for yourself and family, you just have to look, truly want it and work towards achieving your dreams and goals. Becoming a millionaire is not a taboo or a non possible achievable goal, simply do the math. Keep track, set a personal goal of how much you want to increase your income monthly and break it down, all the way down; yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and even per individual sale/goal. Whether you are doing this as being an entrepreneur or simply wanting to better yourself and increase your sales goal at a job. You can do this, anything is possible.

Along this journey, I learned that I will have some bad days and not so good days and even greater days, but it is important to never give up and continue with your flow. Don’t let anything distract you from what really is a priority you, your family and future and most importantly to never abandon my dreams.